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Have you ever been up nights wondering who played guitar on a particular recording?

(Or you recognize that voice singing backup vocals,
but can't figure out who it is?)

When this happens to us, we look at the Liner Notes to the recording. Sometimes, you learn a few things.

Unfortunately, when you download from iTunes you don't always get the Liner Notes. So, we're taking care of that for you.

Our staff is up nights for you, painstakingly transcribing details and useless info for your enjoyment.

These liner notes are completely, fully and faithfully reproduced from the original albums or CD's of the recordings, which were released by the record company.

By the way, we do not change, amend these Liner Notes or make any representations that this work is in any way ours, however - we may include notes, comments or even more useless information and trivia. We may move things around and make them a little easier to understand.

Note: This work is fully and completely owned by the original copyright holders and all the rights to this work are entirely their own.

Remember, we have not changed or revised anything from the original work (even if we know it's wrong!), in keeping with our policy to present the original liner notes, in their entirety.

Here at AlbumLinerNotes.com it is our belief that every album has important information. That is why you'll find albums in here with "only" songwriting and production credits. Again, we believe this information is crucial so we do our best to not judge an album for it's worth.

As long as the album has been officially released,
it makes the cut.

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