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Live From 6A

Great Musical Performances from Late Night with Conan O’Brien

1. Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco: vocal/guitar
Sara Lee: bass/vocal
Andy Stochansky: drums/vocal

Written by A. DiFranco
Righteous Babe Music (BMI)


2. David Bowie
“Dead Man Walking”

David Bowie: vocal/guitar
Reeves Gabrels: guitar

Written by D. Bowie/R. Gabrels
Tintoretto Music/RZO Publishing (BMI)
Exploded View Music, Adm. by Bug (ASCAP)


3. Matthew Sweet
“Do Ya”
Recorded at sound check

Matthew Sweet: vocal/guitar
Ivan Julian: guitar
Ric Menck: drums
Tony Marsico: bass/vocals
Paul Chastain: guitar/vocals

Written J. Lynne
EMI Blackwood Music, Inc. (BMI)


4. Jamiroquai
“When You Gonna Learn”

Jason Kay: vocal
Toby Smith: keyboards
Stuart Zender: bass
Nick Van Gelder: drums
Wallis Buchanan: didgeridoo
Mauriziq Ravalico: percussion
Gavin Dodds: guitar
Mike Smith: saxophone/flute
Colin Graham: trumpet
Darren Galea: DJ

Written by J. Kay
EMI Blackwood Music, Inc. o/b/o EMI Music Publishing Ltd. (BMI)


5. Björk
“Human Behavior”

Björk: vocals
Leila Arab: keyboards/vocals
Allan Sigsworth: keyboard
Ike Hanley: bass
Dan Lippman: tambourine
Halil Tansay: percussion
Talvinder: drums

Written by B Gudmundsdottir/N. Hooper/A. Jobim
Björk Gudmundsdottir Pub./Famous Music Corp. (ASCAP)
Warner Chappell Music Ltd., Adm. by WB Music Corp. (ASCAP)
Ensign Music Corp. (BMI)


6. Elvis Costello
“All This Useless Beauty”

Elvis Costello: vocal/guitar
Steve Nieve: piano

Written by E. Costello
Sideways Songs, Adm. by Plangent Visions Music, Inc. (ASCAP)


7. Cake
“The Distance”

John McRea: vocals
Greg Brown: guitar/vocals
Todd Roper: drums/vocals
Victor D’Amiani: bass
Vince DiFiore: trumpet/keyboard/vocals

Written by G. Brown
EMI Blackwood Music, Inc. o/b/o itself & G.P. Brown Pub. (BMI)


8. Jonathan Richman
“Let Her Go Into The Darkness”

Jonathan Richman: vocal/guitar
Tommy Larkin: drums
Max Weinberg: percussion
Michael Merritt: bass
Scott Healy: keyboards
Jimmy Vivino: background vocals
La Bamba: background vocals
Mark Pender: background vocals
Jerry Vivino: background vocals

Written by J. Richman
Rounder Music & Rockin’ Leprechaun Music (ASCAP)


9. Edwyn Collins

“A Girl Like You”

Edwyn Collins: vocal/guitar/keyboard
Stephen Skinner: guitar/vocals
Clare Kenny: bass/vocals
Paul Cook: drums

Written by E. Collins
Songs of PolyGram Int’l, Inc. (BMI)


10.  311

Nick Hexum: vocal/guitar
Tim Mahoney: guitar
SA Martinez: vocals/turntable/percussion
Chad Sexton: drums
P-nut: bass

Written by N. Hexum/D. Martinez
Hydroponic Music (BMI)


11. Soul Coughing
“Soundtrack To Mary”

Mike Doughty: vocal/guitar
Yuval Gabay: drums
Mark Degliantoni: keyboard sampler
Sebastian Steinberg: bass/vocals

Written by M. Degliantoni/M. Doughty/Y. Gabay/S. Steinberg
WB Music Corp. & Pub. By Our Pal Dolores (ASCAP)


12. Squirrel Nut Zippers
“Lover’s Lane”

Jim Mathus: vocal/guitar
Chris Phillips: drums
Katharine Whalen: banjo
Don Raliegh: bass
Ken Mosher: guitar
Stacy Guess: trumpet
Tom Maxwell: percussion & vocals

Written by J. Mathus
Shorty Brown/Strept Throat Music, Adm. by Bug (ASCAP)


When I was first approached about an album of Late Night’s best musical performances, I was thrilled.  The concept seemed brilliant.  It was only later, when they told me that I wouldn’t actually be singing the songs, that I lost all interest in the project.  Crushed, I turned to cheap wine and let my staff work out the details.  I hope you enjoy their efforts.  Frankly, I think we missed a golden opportunity.

– Conan O’Brien


Produced by Jim Pitt

Executive Producers: Lorne Michaels & Jeff Ross

Recorded & Mixed by Julie Perez
Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound
Coordinating Producer: Jack Sullivan
Art Direction, Design & Illustrations: Louis Marino
Legal Representation: Jaimie Roberts
Creative Consultant: G. Marq Roswell

Large thanks to:

All of the artists on this record;

Late Night The entire staff, especially Debbie Wunder, the Talent Department (Paula Davis, Gina Battista, Lynn Kaplan & Tonya Addy), Andy Richter, Frank Smiley, Music Director Max Weinberg, the guys in the MW7 (Jimmy Vivino, Jerry Vivino, Michael Merritt, Scott Healy, LaBamba, Mark Pender), Stacey Foster, the 6A Music Crew (Jimmy DeVito, Joe Aebig, Glenn Arber & Julie Perez) for making all of our guests sound great; Jonathan Groff, the writers, Liz Plonka, Tracy King, Suzie Santomauro, Dana Calderwood, Robert Smigel, Daniel Ferguson, Anne Elbaqali, Lesly Weiner, Jacqueline Ytuarte, Jordan Schlansky, Geoff Addeo, Mike Hammeke, Jonathan Hefter, Chris DeLuca. BroadwayVideo John Engleman. NBC Rick Ludwin, Gary Considine, Bridget Potter, Jim Henry. Mercury Records Everyone at the label, especially Danny Goldberg, Dana Millman, Ken Weinstein, Lauren Murphy, Diana Fragnito, Julie Swidler, Margery Greenspan, Marty Maidenberg, Josh Zieman, Kris Yiengst, Rachel Mintz, Doug Joswick. MVPs Shelly Gorove, Russell Carter, Roger Cramer, Scot Fisher, Frank Gironda, Grace Maxwell, Lisa Millman, The Work Group, Karen Moss, Pimpbot, Adam Raspler, Mike Renault, Sherry Ring-Ginsberg, Elliot Roberts, Bonnie Simmons, Seymour Stein, Gill Taylor, Philip Walden, Henry Wrenn-Meleck.

Extra Large thanks to Katherine, Morgan & Dylan Pitt of Nashville, TN

Bye, Leo

Ani DiFranco appears courtesy of Righteous Babe Records

David Bowie appears courtesy of Virgin Records America, Inc. and BMG Entertainment International

Matthew Sweet appears courtesy of Volcano Entertainment

Jamiroquai appears courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment

Björk appears courtesy of Elektra Entertainment, One Little Indian and Mother Records

Elvis Costello appears courtesy of Warner Brothers Records

Cake and 311 appear courtesy of Capricorn Records

Jonathan Richman appears courtesy of Vapor Records

Soul Coughing appears courtesy of Slash/Warner Brothers Records

Squirrel Nut Zippers appear courtesy of Mammoth Records


(P) 1997 NBC Enterprises, Inc. © 1997 Mercury Records
Manufactured and Marketed by Mercury Records, a PolyGram company
825 Eighth Ave., New York, New York 10019.  All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.  Printed in U.S.A.

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